Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Kid's First Guitar Should Be..

My daughter is requesting me to buy her a guitar of her own (and I thought she loves piano, haha!). Anyway, I’m really planning to give her what she want since she is studying well and so far giving me good grades. She’s even one of the top in her class so I think she deserves one. But choosing the kind of guitar that’s best for her is not my forte. I don’t know what to buy. All I know is that I think, she needs a beginner’s guiar. But when I know that she grows older she will be asking for a more professional one. Like that of an excellent marshall jvm410h at guitar center. I ‘m just glad that my kids loves music like me and I hope this will be forever in them.

Week-ends Spent with Them is the Best

This is what weekends is all about..spending it with my precious kids.

Last sunday, despite the heavy rain, we went to SM Mega Mall to have my APE taken at Clinica Manila. Since we went there early in the morning, my kids and I had a lot of time spent in the mall. We had fun. We ate lunch, enjoyed the kiddierides at WOF and just hang out. We also bought their favorite donuts and Chef Tony's white chocolate - parmesan popcorn.

When we got home, we enjoyed watching TV while eating what we took out from our day adventure. Its one of the best weekends.

Missing Music

I love to see myself working in a studio desk again. I was able to experience that when I was working in our church’s music CD. We had an opportunity to collaborate with a great team of musicians and a studio owner allowed us to use his equipments for free. I miss it now. I miss singing and I miss working on music. How I wish I can still do that now..