Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Neigborhood Carpenter

It’s the rainy season once again so for most of the new house owners in our village it’s time to have a front yard cover. Our neighbor is already doing that. Having their front yard cover constructed they already have the roof and now the walls and gate are being constructed. I salute the old carpenter that our neighbor hired to do the job. He’s fast and works with quality. At first look you wouldn’t think that he can do the job and that he has complete tools down to c clamps but he does. You will be able to get that you’ve paid for with his work. Hope before June ends we will be able to construct our front yard as well and I’ll surely get manong as my carpenter.

From Grand to Simple Plans

Two years ago I was dreaming of a big birthday party for my little girl. A grand celebration complete with a band of musician. I went even over my dream and ask a friend who operates a sound system rental business that I will rent out his units. Just a month ago he told me that he has the new blackheart amp that he’s going to use for his events. But now that budget is getting tighter, the grand celebration has taken a back seat and so we’re now planning for a small art and chocolate fountain party which I hope I will be able to pull off in two weeks time.


....It's a hot and sunny day..(which makes me hope and wish that this would be the same weather on June 1)

...I woke up at 6am. Thank God for the opportunity to be with my kids one extra night and day since the pregnant helper left. It's hard not to have a replacement since I know I'll be forced to leave my work once again just to be a mom to mu kids..

...I'm wearing a denim shorts and my all-time favorite white tank top. This makes me feel comfortable on weather like this. I just don't know what to do with my newly rebonded hair since I cannot tie it.

..I feel frustrated after finding out the my printer isn't working last night. All my plans were ruined. Now I have to go to the supplier to have it fix.

...but above all these, I'm thankful..and hopeful that all is going to be well.

Old Timer Desktop

Working on my online task is taking a toll on me. Aside from my schedule and my fluctuating electricity, my desktop is not working properly. I think I’ve already did everything I can on how to make my computer faster but still didn’t work. I guess the only solution is to say good bye to my old friend desktop. I hope that my laptop arrives soon so I can finish my work on time.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Can't They Quit..

Cigarette is dangerous to our health. And even though some cigar brands claim that they contain less nicotine, they still have that chemical that is harmful to our bodies. But why do smokers still choose to smoke? Because they can’t help it. It’s like part of their system that is hard to get rid of. That’s what my friend told me. So even if there’s a lot of anti-smoking campaign, they ignore it. But she still hopes that someday she will be able to quit smoking.

What's Up With Us?

It's been a while since I updated this blog about my family and so there are a lot of things that happened already that has not been posted here. My bad..:(

Anyways, I hope that this would be the start of an update...what's happening?

My daughter is turning 7 this month and she is super excited with her small party. I'm currently preparing for it and guess what? I only had 3 weeks to do it.I hope I can pull it off.

My son is entering pre-school this school year. He's 3.4 and he's still a babe, so I was thinking if he will be able to managed the activities..hope he'll enjoy it. I'm a little bit scared since he's so different with his sister. My girl started going to pre-school at 3 years old and she enjoyed it. With my son, I guess it's a little bit different. 

Well as for me, I'm thinking of quitting my job again but this is a major decision to make..We'll see what will happen next..