Sunday, March 31, 2013


Been feeling sick for a week now, I got muscle and joint pains because of stress. I hope that traumeel ointment could help me ease the pains even a bit. It’s hard when you feel achy and stressful and when even pain relievers couldn’t help, you’re at a loss on how to find cure. Sigh…hopefully the pain would be over and will be feeling floating like a feather soon.

Summer's Officially Here

 Yes, and the kids are all ready for it. Almost everyday, they enjoy swimming in their official summer pool, hehe. It's quite small but surely, they are enjoying. Summer isn't what it is called without them enjoying the cool water of a pool. Hopefully we can visit the beach some time this month so they could enjoy more.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Musically Inclined Family

Passion for music is there when we are born and if we see that our kids have that, parents should show support and encourage them to pursue that passion. Music is not only a hobby or something what we can do during our free time it can be a healing aid to some, and a source of income to good would it be if we have kids who knows how to play piano, drums, guitar, clarinet and a person who can sing, we can have a family band! Hehe. Kidding aside, music should be pursued if we see them in our kids. And that’s what I’m doing with my little girl who started to love the black and white keys of a piano.

Family Day

A family event in my little girl's school. One of the times I love..going with her school activity even after work and without getting enough sleep yet..That's what moms are for right?