Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mobile Benefits

As a working mom, i have always depend on different tools so i can balance my different duties. one of the most reliable thing i have is my blackberry device. it allows me to manage my career requisites from emails, appointment calendars and to do list as far as my job description is concerned.

As a mom on the go, it's mobile internet capacity allows me to be always connected with my kids especially my eldest so I can help her with her research and school assignments.

So it has been a "dooms day" this morning when i realized that the device is busted. I immediately rushed to the nearest service center and found out that the device problem is due to several data, including stored email correspondence and to do lists, I thought the diagnosis could be worst as a wipe hard drive. But no.. Good thing though, I was able to retain contacts and retrieved other important data by logging into the internet and syncing it to my