Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping from Catalogs

I love shopping online and from direct marketers. It makes my shopping easier since I can have more time with myself and was being spared from the hassle of traffic jams and crunch times. I recently check a neighbor for some new catalogs of my favorite shop and she also offered me her selections of other catalogs from new shops she has accounts on. I was disappointed with one of the new seller. The catalogs is not promising and enticing at all. The printing was done poorly which made me think that the company should exert more time and effort in this area. Maybe they could try for wholesale catalog printing for them to get quality printed catalogs that could attract more consumers. So as a result, I just opted to check products from my suki” sellers.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Early Christmas Gift

I have been in the industry for almost 10 years and one of the great challenge of being in this job is to stay protected amidst cold environment both in & out of the office. Knowing this detail, a friend, Debbie, who works in US send me a undeniably perfect gift for me to combat this common hazard at work especially at this time of the year.

She just sent me a chestnut chinchilla rex-mandarin trim fur reversible jacket which she shops personally via .. the design is so cool, stylish & practical. cant wait to ramp it off my office within the week. Checked the site & seen several collections that I opt to dish out some of my savings with next year.

And so the Christmas Countdown starts...

Happy to say that finally, I'm done with our Christmas home decorations. It would be our first Christmas in our new home so I want to make sure it would be something memorable and new for the kids. It's my first time to hang Christmas stockings which the little girl noticed. She said, she's expecting she'll get goodies out of that stockings come Christmas eve...well.I hope Santa will have the time to shop for goodies to fill in that stockings so that the kids won't be disappointed ^__^

Here's me, excited for Christmas.

It's 34 days to go!

Mobile Benefits

As a working mom, i have always depend on different tools so i can balance my different duties. one of the most reliable thing i have is my blackberry device. it allows me to manage my career requisites from emails, appointment calendars and to do list as far as my job description is concerned.

As a mom on the go, it's mobile internet capacity allows me to be always connected with my kids especially my eldest so I can help her with her research and school assignments.

So it has been a "dooms day" this morning when i realized that the device is busted. I immediately rushed to the nearest service center and found out that the device problem is due to several data, including stored email correspondence and to do lists, I thought the diagnosis could be worst as a wipe hard drive. But no.. Good thing though, I was able to retain contacts and retrieved other important data by logging into the internet and syncing it to my

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happiness is A Journey

Yes, something to inspire me on these kind of days...:) we need to choose to be happy no matter what. And so everyday, amidst the trials and testings, amidst the ups and downs of life, we have to choose to be happy. :)

Saturday, November 03, 2012


I haven’t heard any updates about on the development of our LTO’s rfid project. I don’t know if its already being implemented. Motorist have been protesting about this not because they don’t want it but because it cost a lot. Rfid can be very useful specially in investigating vehicular accidents so I hope that soon it will be implemented. Being a driver I know how important it is. Only that government should put the toll and the cost to the people.