Monday, April 16, 2012

What Do Modern Woman Want In A Man?

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What do modern women want when it comes to dating, sex and relationships with men these days? While some particulars may vary from woman to woman, most things women want from men are virtually universal and here is where you’ll find the answers to this age-old question.

A Man With a Great Personality

Above all else, a great personality is what women are searching for in a man. Yes, they like looking at the pretty boys – it’s human nature to do so. But when it comes down to dating someone or having a relationship, personality beats looks every time.

If you’re the guy who can make her laugh by cracking jokes, being a little cheeky, and teasing her, you’ll literally charm the pants/skirt off of her.

A Man Who Exhibits Confidence

Women also like a man who exudes confidence. A woman pays special attention to see if you carry yourself with self-assurance, whether you are at ease when you talk to her and if you are a man who is comfortable with yourself. If you can offer this to a woman, it is very appealing and she will find it almost impossible to reject any offers you make to date her.

A Man Who is Comfortable to Treat Women as Equals

When a woman says that she wants to be treated like your equal, she doesn’t mean that she wants you to treat her like one of the guys. She just wants you to respect her, appreciate her intelligence and value her opinions. She still wants you to be the man – don’t ever forget that.

A Man Who is Supportive

She also wants someone who has her back, is there to support her and, when necessary, can protect her. That doesn’t mean that she always wants you always to run to her rescue, but she does want to know that if she needs your help you’ll be there. You don’t have to tell her this – she will pick up on it by observing your overall character as a man.

A Man Who Allows Her to be a Woman

Men are natural problem solvers and when a woman airs a problem to a man, many men often feel that it’s their job to solve the woman’s dilemma. However, that’s not necessarily what she wants. Most of the time (80%), she’s just looking for you to lend an ear but sometimes (20%), yes, she does want your input.

So how do you know the difference? Well, when a woman comes to you with a problem, just sit there and listen. Usually that’s all that she wants.

Too often you might have the natural male impulse to jump in with a solution and say, “Here’s how you should handle this,” or “Do you want to know what I think you should do?” Politely, she’ll say, “Yes, okay” and you’ll give her your advice. Then she’ll likely do what she thinks is best and not necessarily use the advice you offered and that might upset you.

The main reason why you shouldn’t take offense in these situations is that she didn’t actually ask for your help. You offered it first and, being a woman (who naturally submits to the masculine), she listened.

On the other hand, if she’s sharing a problem with you and you are actively listening, when she’s finished you can ask, “So how are you going to handle it?” At that point, she will either tell you what her plans are or she’ll ask you what you think she should do.

If she does ask, then she is looking to you for a possible solution. Once you give her your opinion, she very well may go with your suggestions but even if she doesn’t, you can be sure that she will weigh them carefully – most women do have a brain. Most importantly, the way you handled the situation will make her happy with you as a man. She’ll realize that you believe she is capable of using her judgment and she won’t feel as if you’re forcing your opinions on her.

A Man Who Treats His Woman as Special

Women like to feel special and cherished. This doesn’t mean she wants you to put her on a pedestal – a common mistake of the nice guy. When you first approach a woman or are just getting to know her, she wants you to treat her like you would any other woman; not any better or any worse. She wants you to be yourself – your best self – in her presence.

Of course, once you’re in a relationship, yes, she does want you to remember things that are special to the two of you (or to her) like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, where you went on your first date, special holidays and so forth.

Women are usually very sentimental. If you can show that you understand a woman’s sentimentality by remembering things that are important to her, you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

A Man Who is Comfortable Showing Affection and Attention

Most women love occasional, impulsive gift giving. And, no, a first date is not the time to bring candy or flowers – it’s a surefire case of ‘trying too hard’ and will turn 99% of modern women off you in an instant.

Once you’re in a relationship – the game changes. Every now and then, do something really special for her or buy her something that you know she’ll like when it’s not a gift-giving occasion. Most women respond to this by becoming more loving and affectionate to the man…as long as he has not being doing too many special things for her – that’s when she takes it for granted and begins feels bored.

Speaking of affection, most women adore sudden public displays. We’re not talking about mauling her in a supermarket, but giving her a warm, affectionate kiss on the cheek or lips, telling her you love her (once you’ve reached that stage of your relationship) once in a while, or holding her hand as you walk down the street. These are all loving acts that when done in public will usually be reciprocated ten-fold in private by her.

A Man with Ambition

While most women aren’t necessarily looking to marry a millionaire, she does want to know that you have a good work ethic and that you have at least some ambition to improve yourself. Whether it’s taking a class to advance your career or reading books that will improve your mind, women love men who aren’t content to just always sit in front of the tube or hang with their friends. They want a man who actually shows a desire to improve his life and possibly their life together.

You see, it’s not the grand gestures that most women want. It’s the little things that tell her that she’s chosen a great guy. Don’t believe what you see in TV sitcoms and magazine advertisements, telling you that you need to be tall, dark and handsome to be what a woman wants. It’s just not true. Women want you to be a man for them – that is what they fall in love with.