Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Thought of Transferring

Speaking of transfer, I am thinking what to do best once we’re there. Having to manage a home for almost seven years now, we’ve acquired a lot of things that now I keep on thinking how to pack them all and transfer to the new house. Even if I have kuat racks on my car, I know I cannot carry them and drive them all using the car alone and the cost of renting a big truck is something. So I’m leaving this for my husband to handle. I don’t want to stress myself so hard on finding solution for this since I am the one who already managed the refurbishing of the home, hehe.


Finally, the refurbishing of our new house as done and the transformation was done well. I love how it turned out, not exactly what I imagined it to be but it was still good. I just need to add some touch ups and maybe install white porch swings outside to complete the fresh ambiance. I’m already excited to transfer. We’re just waiting for the husband to come home and that would be next month. Hopefully, the transfer will be swift and a breeze.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Gained Weight :-)

Since I came back to work, I noticed that I gained weight. And I’m actually happy about it. I don’t know why but maybe my body is used to working that’s why when I stopped working last year, I lost a lot of weight. Perhaps that’s because I over used my body since I have plenty of time to do a lot of work at the same time. I also don’t sleep a lot. I must admit I abused my body, hehe. So I found out, don’t find it hard to lose or gain weight like some of my friends who are even considering taking diet pills. I don’t one to read customer reviews here of the diet pills that she’s considering so she will have enough knowledge about it before taking it in. It’s better to take precautions specially now that there are proven worse side effects of some diet pills in the market.