Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Wellness Buddy

A friend wanted to start his own fitness center. He’s a health buff and he is my personal badminton trainer. He also knows a lot about healthy stuff for diet purposes. He’s trying to get licenses from personal trainer certifications agency so he can start his plans right away. I’m so excited about this because once this will push through; I will have someone who can guide me to m y journey to health and wellness.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Complaining Decibels

Setting up our sound system every Sunday is always taking its toll on us. I don’t know why the technicians are not able to set them up perfect since they are doing this for the longest time already. Every Sunday same problems occur for every musical instruments and microphones. Even our drummer who uses an ION electronic drums complains since the sound that coming out from the house speakers are so different. It’s been our problem ever since we move to where we hold our worship service now and I am still hoping something can be done about it.

Something Different

The husband’s birthday is coming up and being able to have it celebrate only after every two years, I’m thinking of looking for some unique gifts for guys to give him. I honestly don’t have any idea not that the husband is choosy but I always find it hard to give gifts for guys and for the husband in particular. Girls are easy to please. Just give them cute stuff and you’re done. But with guys, you have to think deeper. Haist..don’t know what to give…

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Post Valentine Gift

The love day is just fast approaching and with all the promos for lovers and couples out there, I believe people are now busy looking for the best gifts and the best ways to spend the day. But as for me, I don’t get overjoyed about it let alone be so excited for the day to come since I don’t have someone to celebrate it with. But I’m thinking of buying hubby a gift. Something like a Baraka chain which I thought will look perfect on him. And since he’s returning home on April, I know I can still save for it. I believe the day is not really important so even if it’s a post valentine gift, I know he will be happy with it.

Friday, February 03, 2012

If Only I Can Have 48 Hours A Day

So much things are happening right now and even as I tinker on my cherry keyboard writing this, my mind is everywhere. I have so many tasks to do; working on special project for my church, searching for ideas for the teacher’s day celebration for my daughter’s school, gathering ideas as well for our small group, and thinking of other things aside from these…haaaaaayyy..I wish I’ll still have more time like what I used to have before when I was not working and having this work schedule. ~_~