Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stretch Mark Solutions

Stretch marks are one of the skin problems many women are facing. I’ve seen even young girls have this aside from those women who normally get this during pregnancy. These are unsightly looking lines developed in the skin because of too much stretching or growth. Although this condition is not dangerous most people could only wish to be spared from having this as it causes someone to lose self confidence especially to women. Many view this as a type of embarrassment that’s why if they were unfortunate to have developed these marks, they would be more than willing to try their best to get the best solution they can possibly get.

Luckily, the world knows that flawless skin matters to most people. That’s why having stretch marks is not a big problem anymore. One can get solutions offered by nature by using the natural medicines that can help lessen the appearance of stretch marks, like virgin coconut oil and Aloe Vera. Studies have already proven that these are effective although you can view results gradually. And if you opt for a faster solution you can also try undergoing laser therapy, but I think this procedure is done for more serious condition. Another option is by applying moisturizing creams. The market has the best stretch mark cream you can get.

Two of the top choices now are Trilastin and Revitol. Each has their own unique components and ingredients that can help reduce stretch marks. Trilastin has collagen and soy protein while Revitol has squalene oil (fish oil) and aloe vera. You can choose either of the two since there are a lot of good reviews about them. One thing to keep in mind though is that, you can lessen or totally get rid of your stretch mark with how you deal with it personally. Always remember the secret is that our skin should be moisturized and hydrated to keep it on its best.


Kitts said...

hi mhay! :D just dropping by.. i'm afraid these solutions might not be effective on my forever embedded stretchmarks ^o^