Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Attitude Towards Diabetes

Diabetes is a costly and delicate disease. I’ve known a number of people who have this including my husband’s step mother. Recently, I’ve heard that she has not been taking any medicines anymore cause she’s gone tired of medicines. My sister in law said that, she’s now gaining a lot of weight and becoming pale because she don’t go out and as if pampering the illness, doesn’t move or work around the house. We’re hoping that she will change her attitude toward her conditions and do things that will help her get well. She has become stiff and so determined not to take any supplements anymore even those herbal ones. Si, we're getting worried. Although she has not taken Actos, we’re still hoping that she will experience fewer side effects. Unlike other patients who suffered worst side effects from taking the drug and are now getting professional help from an actos lawyer, she is still better compared to them. But we're praying that she will get even better.