Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Search Me, Use Me Lord

It's been ages since I posted something about my faith here. It's because I have been in my down times and I have been neglecting what I am supposed to be. It's just recently when I was tasked to facilitate our small group (cell group) in church that I realized I was not being what I have to be as a Christian. I know I have been living a life that is boring and dry. So I started reading my bible and reading books that will encourage me and restore the joy of serving and living for God.

Last Sunday, I was touched by the message of our guest speaker, it's about giving back our lives to God and allowing Him to use us. I had this feeling of guilt that I have not prayed that prayer for so long now. And I've decided, I will not live a life of mediocrity, I will stand and desire to be used by God..to be a salt and a light of the world.

Sonda-me, Usa-me Senhor
(Aline Barros)

Search me, Lord, and know me,
Make my heart to be broken..
Transform me according to your word
And fill me until only You can be found in me
And then... use me, Lord, use me

Like a lighthouse that shines at night
Like a bridge over the waters
Like a shelter in the desert
Like an arrow that hits it's target
I want to be used in any way that pleases you
Any time and in any place, here is my life.
Use me, Oh Lord...