Saturday, October 01, 2011

Plus Size to Size 8

My sister and I are planning to have a photo shoot somewhere in Quezon City this week. Actually this is not only to have nice pictures of our selves but we will also feature some of my items that I wanted to sell online. These are pre-loved items that I bought on various shops that I visited selling imported and unique pieces of clothing. But while I’ll be wearing these items, my sister is on the lookout for affordable plus size clothing that she can wear for the photo shoot. She is not actually that big but some of the plus size womens clothing looks good on her. They somehow give her a sexy silhouette when worn properly. So before our planned photo shoot, I still have to accompany her to look for an affordable womens plus size tops. I told her that I’m hoping also that someday we won’t need to take the effort f finding that size of clothes for her because I can just let her use some of my cute clothes since we will be of the same size, LOL!

Kidding aside, I really wanted my sister to lose weight. I am even inviting her to play badminton with me but since her schedule of work is shifting, she cannot find time. But I am not giving up on her I know she can bring back her previous body weight and built soon.