Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the common problems of women who already gave birth and I am not spared. Giving birth to two kids gave me my fare share of these annoying stretch marks. During my first pregnancy they are not that visible and I thought I can manage to get rid of them but before it happen I got pregnant with my second child. Now, getting rid of stretch marks is more challenging for me.

They say that stretch marks are not harmful, not unless you are a person who thought stretch marks as ugly lines in your skin. Some doesn’t even bother to have them treated because honestly, it’s a skin condition that doesn’t need to undergo medical treatments because it heals on its own, and I hope it so. They say that stretch marks fade over time but of course with the help of moisturizing creams, lotions or body oils to help the skin moisturized and supple all the time. The problem with my first pregnancy is that I didn’t care about stretch marks because I was pre occupied with preparing for the baby’s birth. I regretted it. So, when I was pregnant with my second I used a brand of body butter to help me minimized the appearance of stretch marks and it did wonders. Somehow, I only had a few additions to the old marks in my belly. Now I use a brand of sunflower oil to help me minimized the rest of the marks. The brand claims that it can be use to stretch marks. I am also reading a post on trilastin reviews and will see if this product will also help me. Trilastin claims that it’s the most effective and successful stretch mark removal cream in the market. Hopefully, with a religious application of these products, my stretch marks will be forever gone.