Saturday, September 17, 2011

Should You Join the Bandwagon?

Almost everyone wants to own touch screen phones, android and smart phones like I-phone and Samsung galaxy, tablets like I-pad and Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Well, I won’t be surprised since these gadgets are the trend today. I just can’t understand why a person feels that he can’t fit in if he won’t join the bandwagon even at the expense of his meager income. Well, it’s his life and his view of a standard of living, I can only comment, hehe.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Event I Wish I Could Attend

My friend is getting married in January, and guess what? It will be a beach wedding which will be held at the famous Boracay beach . I’m so happy for her, and she was super excited. I still remember when she first showed us her engagement ring design. She felt she was floating on cloud 9! Her fiance has provided everything and the preparations are going on smoothly. Even the house that they will live in after the wedding is already being constructed. I could see that her husband to be is a great man and a good provider. Anyway, I wish I could attend her wedding but just the thought about the expenses going to Boracay, I could only sigh…

My Dream Living Room

I love to have a house like this. It’s clean and warm and fresh and cozy. It’s indeed, a typical dream home :). It’s just hard to managed, lol! Having a house like this should be kept clean specially the carpet. And if you don’t have a nice vacuum cleaner, it would be very hard tidying up. You will need to get help from carpet cleaning raleigh specialists. But who cares right? If you have a house like this, it means you also have the money to pay for your cleaners, hehe. How I really wish, I’ll have my own house someday, this one is perfect!

Congratulations, Shamcey!


It was indeed a close fight for the crown. Although a lot of us are not satisfied with the result, let's be content and be proud. Shamcey did her best and she showed a true picture of a Filipina--beauty, brains, and a strong personal conviction. But what I like most about her is that she was firm with her faith. She showed that she is indeed a true believer of Christ. :) As what Venus Raj said, everything happens with a purpose. Even Shamcey is contented with what was given to her so let us all be proud for her, for being the 3rd runner up at the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant.