Thursday, August 18, 2011

Establish a Good Relationship with Your Mother-in-Law

Married life is exciting and a new learning experience. The adjustment phase for newly weds vary depending on how deep their relationship was to start with. A piece of advice to those who are planning to join the bandwagon: a marriage is not only a union between man and woman but the start of a relationship among their families as well.

Now there’s that dreaded thought popularized by movies and television shows and that is your in-laws could make your life a living hell. Of course moms could be on the defensive side on welcoming the thought that another woman would be taking care of their precious child. As a wife, you should try and make an effort to reach out to your mother-in law and establish a good relationship with her.

Yes, there are some in-laws who tend to neglect the idea that their child is now starting his own family. It might take some time to adjust on this new setup. Do not let this situation intimidate you. Be as polite and respectful as you can and do not let this issue affect you.

It will be good to invite her for some quality time together. Spend a day shopping or visit a spa in order to have some private moments with your mother-in-law. During this time you can start a conversation and make an effort of getting to know here more. This is also a good time to talk about things and clear the air if there are any unsolved issues between the both of you.

Keep in mind that dealing and establish a healthy relationship with your in-laws is a part of married life.

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