Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Custom Printing Business

When I decided to quit my job and stop working, I also have one thing in mind that I want to do. I want to put up my own business and I was thinking of putting up a shop that specializes on Custom Printing. I have been fond of designing invitations, and other personalize stuffs as gifts and souvenirs that's why I thought it will be a good start up business for me since I know I can handle it well. I love making stuff like Flyer Printing and Gift Card Printing and stuffs like that and since I believe that one will be successful if one will pursue what he is passionate about, I thought it as the perfect business. But as time passed, my dream business center is still in my dreams. Financial issue is what restricting me for that dream business to be realized. It's hard when you do not have yet the funds to support your passion, he he. So for the mean time, while we are still waiting for the funds to come, I am already preparing myself for that business. I am consulting a friend for a good marketing plan. I am also trying to get as much information as I can get to learn everything about custom printing. And I am thankful that my husband is supporting me on this. Though we are still on the stage of praying and planning, we are full of hopes that this printing shop will open soon.