Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who Loves Popcorn?

Who wouldn't love popcorn, right? It's one of most loved snacks when watching a movie. This is also my kids' favorite food to munch on during lazy weekends while watching our favorite DVDs. When we can't buy popcorn, I'll just get the microwavable popcorn which is hassle free and not so time consuming, perfect for a late night movie at home.

Popcorn can be a good business opportunity. There are lots of ways to handle a pop corn business. It can be a seasonal business or your daily source of income. I had a friend who used to rent his uncle's popcorn machine during all saints day, that's October 31 to November 1 and he stationed this machine in a crowded cemetery. It helps to know the culture in my country, people will be mobbing the cemeteries at this time, not just to visit their dead, but for families to get together and have their reunions. So, my friend saw this as the perfect opportunity for his pop corn. He said in those two days he earns twice his capital, so for him it's his best seasonal business. And he does this every year. Imagine the profit for two days? He actually gave me an idea so I have been considering this opportunity. Only, I don't know where to rent a popcorn machine. So if you love popcorn and you have the resources, don't just enjoy munching these buttery-flavored kernels, get the most out of it.