Saturday, June 11, 2011

It Started With A Bang!

This week started not so good for me mainly because of the accident my brother in law caused. My BIL borrowed my car so he can practice driving. He's a new driver and I really don't trust him that much that he can handle the car very well but because his somehow a relative and I am concern about him (about the job that's being offered to him), and I really wanted to help so I gave in. But as expected, it did not ended good to me, my car and my neighborhood.

Why? Because he accidentally bumped into the subdivision's water pipelines and broke three home water system and meters. And of course it caused great damaged to my car. Upon seeing the car's state I get really mad. I was angry and I cried over the car. I didn't even want to talk to him. I know it's an accident and I shouldn't be so mad at him because I'm also at fault allowing him to drive in the first place. But of course, getting mad would be everyone's reaction during that time. But after a while, after understanding the incident, i was able to compose my self, and forgive him. After all, he took the responsibility and needed action to fix the damages he caused.

Still, I'm thankful because first, it was not so serious, and seconds, it was being resolved. The incident taught me a lot of lessons.