Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birth Defects & Lawsuit

One of the wishes of every mom to be is that her child is healthy and will come out normal, complete and without defects. In ancient time, a child born with defects is a not a good sign. People believed that either the child or the parents have been cursed. I have even read somewhere that if the child was born with defect he will be immediately be put to death, a really very sad story. But thank God that now, with the help of our advance technology, expecting moms were being assured about her child physical appearance. And with proper education about the do’s and don’ts for them, birth defects are now easily avoided. With the exception of course of moms who are being mislead be medical professionals. Intended or not, those doctors who will irresponsibly prescribed drugs like Prozac will surely faced Prozac lawsuit, the costs of negligence resulting to serious personal injury especially of children.