Thursday, June 16, 2011

PC Wall Papers and You

They say that the pictures that are posted on your wall papers and computer monitors reflects who you are what or who you cared about. Do you agree? Hmmm… I guess so. When I was single and had my first computer on my first job, my wall papers usually are pictures of serene places, or cute animals, all things girly. But when I started to have my family, my wall papers are most often pictures of my family or my kids even though I only see it when I start or turn off my PC, LOL.

A Grabby Addiction

People with gambling addiction and do nothing about their situation will never be successful and will just go deeper until they're drowned. I have witnessed a lot first hand and the way I see it, gambling is a greedy addiction so you must not get into it. Because when you’re into it, it will be hard to get out. It will get you until you have nothing left. That’s why I don’t understand why people, who already know that they are addicted, and with nothing left anymore, still don’t want to stop. Or maybe they are not stopping until they get those that they lost, but truth is you cannot get even, you cannot win. So if you're in this situation, let go and find someone or an institution to help you get out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who Loves Popcorn?

Who wouldn't love popcorn, right? It's one of most loved snacks when watching a movie. This is also my kids' favorite food to munch on during lazy weekends while watching our favorite DVDs. When we can't buy popcorn, I'll just get the microwavable popcorn which is hassle free and not so time consuming, perfect for a late night movie at home.

Popcorn can be a good business opportunity. There are lots of ways to handle a pop corn business. It can be a seasonal business or your daily source of income. I had a friend who used to rent his uncle's popcorn machine during all saints day, that's October 31 to November 1 and he stationed this machine in a crowded cemetery. It helps to know the culture in my country, people will be mobbing the cemeteries at this time, not just to visit their dead, but for families to get together and have their reunions. So, my friend saw this as the perfect opportunity for his pop corn. He said in those two days he earns twice his capital, so for him it's his best seasonal business. And he does this every year. Imagine the profit for two days? He actually gave me an idea so I have been considering this opportunity. Only, I don't know where to rent a popcorn machine. So if you love popcorn and you have the resources, don't just enjoy munching these buttery-flavored kernels, get the most out of it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Personal Injuries and Legal Help

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It Started With A Bang!

This week started not so good for me mainly because of the accident my brother in law caused. My BIL borrowed my car so he can practice driving. He's a new driver and I really don't trust him that much that he can handle the car very well but because his somehow a relative and I am concern about him (about the job that's being offered to him), and I really wanted to help so I gave in. But as expected, it did not ended good to me, my car and my neighborhood.

Why? Because he accidentally bumped into the subdivision's water pipelines and broke three home water system and meters. And of course it caused great damaged to my car. Upon seeing the car's state I get really mad. I was angry and I cried over the car. I didn't even want to talk to him. I know it's an accident and I shouldn't be so mad at him because I'm also at fault allowing him to drive in the first place. But of course, getting mad would be everyone's reaction during that time. But after a while, after understanding the incident, i was able to compose my self, and forgive him. After all, he took the responsibility and needed action to fix the damages he caused.

Still, I'm thankful because first, it was not so serious, and seconds, it was being resolved. The incident taught me a lot of lessons.

Birth Defects & Lawsuit

One of the wishes of every mom to be is that her child is healthy and will come out normal, complete and without defects. In ancient time, a child born with defects is a not a good sign. People believed that either the child or the parents have been cursed. I have even read somewhere that if the child was born with defect he will be immediately be put to death, a really very sad story. But thank God that now, with the help of our advance technology, expecting moms were being assured about her child physical appearance. And with proper education about the do’s and don’ts for them, birth defects are now easily avoided. With the exception of course of moms who are being mislead be medical professionals. Intended or not, those doctors who will irresponsibly prescribed drugs like Prozac will surely faced Prozac lawsuit, the costs of negligence resulting to serious personal injury especially of children.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Perks

I miss the perks and benefits of a private employee. Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I sometimes miss some employee benefits that I don’t enjoy now like health cards, midyear bonuses and even accident or sickness benefits. Being a private employee has it’s perks because the company is getting something from you so when you meet work related injuries the company is responsible for you. Like in Texas, people get the help of Texas Work Injury Attorney if they need so. But being a stay at home mom like me has its perks as well. Like you don’t have to push yourself to wake up so early and battle with the bad weather just to get to office on time, like today! And of course, the special bonding I enjoy with my kids every day.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Bag and The Tag

Just want to post the picture of bag and the bag tag that I bought for my little princess. You wouldn't believe that I got this for a very affordable price! My daughter loved it!