Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Handyman

My kids love watching Handy Manny and I also watch with them. And to tell you the truth, I enjoy watching this animated series. It’s sometimes so surreal that Manny and his tools can fix anything and everything but hey, this is just cartoons and cartoons are made for kids. So my kids also believed that Manny is the only person who can fix everything. Maybe if their dad is here they will think otherwise, ha ha! Their dad is not a handy man. He’s a nurse and a pastor but he turns to be my handyman when needed. I remember the time when we first transferred to our house. There are lots of things to be repaired and some of the things, he fixed by himself. We had wood fences like those of Richmond wood fences and he’s the only one who installed it. And I know that if the fences needs repairs, if he’s here we won’t need professional Richmond fence repairs. I know I can trust my husband’s handy man skills. I am amazed of how guys when they become husbands and dads, they can turn to be someone wives can turn to for home repairs. Isn’t that great?