Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Accomplishment :)

As I’ve mentioned on my other blog, I started driving this morning, alone. I’m happy that I was able to drive to and from our church and back to our house safe. I’m a new driver so I still had to deal with a lot of butterflies in my stomach but I’m hoping I will be able to overcome this nervousness as I drive. My husband is my encourager. He will always check on me and coach me even online. He was so happy of my development, hehe. He said that I just have to stay focused, have the presence of mind, and the confidence. He also reminds me to always bring copy of our car paper’s and my license. And since I am just driving a car for now, I don’t have to worry about 5th wheel insurance. For the moment, I need to drive (safely) always, and continue driving to enhance my skill. Yeah…I’m happy for my self.