Monday, May 30, 2011


Oh, no no no...Not me! It's my friend. I saw her baby shower photos which was held last Sunday. She looks so happy and pretty despite her big tummy. I’m so happy for her. They have been wed for I think more than 3 years already and at first she was so worried they won’t have a baby. They almost consulted an infertility doctor in their eagerness to have a baby. I told my friend that babies are gifts from God and they just have to wait for it to come. And true enough, after almost four years of waiting, here they are a picture of a happy and expecting parent to be. Photos of their baby shower shows how happy and excited they are, just like when we are first expecting. I can feel how excited they are. Babies really bring joy and that’s what it brought my friend and her husband. I wish her a normal and safe delivery.