Wednesday, April 06, 2011

On Scrub Suits

My brother in law recently went to Riyadh to work. And since he doesn’t have yet the hospital’s uniforms he brought with him all his nursing scrubs. And when he arrived at the hospital, he was asked by the person in charge of the staff’s uniform where did he buy his scrub suits. The person seems to be looking for a place or a contractor where he can get cheap scrubs for all the staff. The hospital is new. If only we were there, my father can apply as contractor, hehe.

Anyway, it’s good that they like scrub suits made in the Philippines. Modern nursing uniforms nowadays are more pleasing to the eye because of various colors and prints unlike before. Now there are wide varieties of colors and styles of scrub suits to choose from. And makers of scrub suits also enjoy creating different styles. They are also easier to make because the fabric are easier to manage unlike white uniforms that needs extra care. Compare to nurses uniforms then and now, I like the trend now because the styles, colors and styles are better. They are pleasing to the eye to the patients, and they are easy to keep and maintain.