Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family Travel Soon

When Cebu Pacific held a contest last month for a free airfare ticket to Hong Kong, I almost joined. Questions are easy and since my internet is quite fast, I was sure my answer could reach them first. But then I realized, the ticket was good for one person only so I still need to get three tickets for my two kids and their nanny if ever I win one. And I also realized, I don’t want to travel without my husband....Sad. So I just watched as contestants raced to win. At the end of the contest, I honestly had regrets that I didn’t get any free tickets...sigh.

Anyway, I still have this dream that someday my family can travel leisurely either around the country or abroad. We haven’t gotten any chance of getting into private tours let alone the chance to travel as far as Cebu or Davao City together, what a pity.. . haha! When my husband was returning home last 2009 one of our plan is that he will stop at Hong Kong and we will just meet him there so we can have a family reunion. I was about to book us tickets when my husband suddenly changed the plan. It was really frustrating but I saw the reason why.

So until this day, my dream to have an out of the country vacation remains in my dream. But I believe that dreams do come true. I firmly believe that we can have that long awaited family travel soon.