Monday, April 04, 2011

Dream Home

Every family dreams to live in the comfort of their own home that is furnished and fully paid, right? I know that every one of us have our own dream house. And we want to have them at the right time. Like every one, I also have my own dream home, we almost have it but circumstances came that we end up still renting. And the house that we currently staying is not what I really wanted. It was not properly maintained by the owner so there are a lot of renovations to be done that have not been given attention. If only we can acquire this to be our own house, we will surely make this a place that is comfortable to live in like what I seen in an Atlanta home remodeling site I’ve seen. I personally don’t like the kitchen since it doesn’t have cabinets and cupboards. The laundry area is still a problem. If only we have extra budget, we can have a bathroom and kitchen remodeling done since we can reimburse the expenses. But as of this moment, we still can’t do that because we have a lot of things that are first in our priority list. This house is situated in a good community. I personally like the environment because it’s peaceful. We are praying that if the Lord will, we can acquire this house instead of getting a place in far places where most realty development company put up residential properties. We’re praying that someday the owner will think of selling this to us through HDMF. It would be the best! Then, we can make this our dream home.