Monday, April 04, 2011

Dental Care for Kids

Having a beautiful smile needs beautiful sets of teeth right? I must agree I don’t have the most white and beautiful teeth since when I was young we have not given proper dental care, given the fact that it’s quite expensive that my parents (having 5 kids) did not afford it. But now that I have my own kids I realized the value of having proper dental care for them. I have two kids who already have their baby teeth. I have to say that I failed to take care of my eldest’s teeth so they eroded quickly even before she reached the age of five. I have consulted three children’s dentists already and they told me based on my daughter’s history that the early erosion might be caused my some medicines’ that she took when she was a baby. (She was diagnosed with neonatal seizure before). My little boy on the other hand is starting to have his milk teeth. His incisors have erupted already and so I am more cautious now as to the vitamins that he takes. Some kid’s dentists said that iron can be one of the causes of early corrosion on children’s teeth. I am not sure though if that is true but I’m still taking the precaution. I am now on the hunt for the best dentist for my kids and I am also considering Medicaid Dentists for their dental care. I know that it can be costly and expensive but this is one thing parents should consider for their kids to have confident smiles when they grow up.