Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beauty Critic

Some girls are expert in makeup but some girls are not. That’s why it’s good to check websites like if a woman wants to know something about the beauty product she is eying. I for one is clue on beauty products that aren’t locally manufactured so reading her reviews helps. Olivia, the author of the site does not claim to be an expert in all beauty products but still, you can trust her reviews. Girls, we want to look beautiful but along side, we don’t want to waste our money on products that aren’t good buys so better read and search first before buying anything. It saves us a lot.

Fresher Eyes

When I was preparing for my son’s first birthday party last February, my friends would always ask me if I didn’t sleep well because they are noticing my eye bags getting bigger and darker. During those times, I really don’t get enough sleep because I was doing a lot of preparations and the excitement keeps me from sleeping early during the night. I was also getting worried about my eye bags so after the event I’ve searched for the best way on how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes. I found a supplement that promised to remove the dark circles and eye bags but it’s quite pricey so for the moment I’m doing the natural way. Putting fresh cucumber every night on both my eyes helped. So now, the eye bags are smaller. Well, it only proves that nature is still one of the best solutions to any health and beauty problem.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family Travel Soon

When Cebu Pacific held a contest last month for a free airfare ticket to Hong Kong, I almost joined. Questions are easy and since my internet is quite fast, I was sure my answer could reach them first. But then I realized, the ticket was good for one person only so I still need to get three tickets for my two kids and their nanny if ever I win one. And I also realized, I don’t want to travel without my husband....Sad. So I just watched as contestants raced to win. At the end of the contest, I honestly had regrets that I didn’t get any free tickets...sigh.

Anyway, I still have this dream that someday my family can travel leisurely either around the country or abroad. We haven’t gotten any chance of getting into private tours let alone the chance to travel as far as Cebu or Davao City together, what a pity.. . haha! When my husband was returning home last 2009 one of our plan is that he will stop at Hong Kong and we will just meet him there so we can have a family reunion. I was about to book us tickets when my husband suddenly changed the plan. It was really frustrating but I saw the reason why.

So until this day, my dream to have an out of the country vacation remains in my dream. But I believe that dreams do come true. I firmly believe that we can have that long awaited family travel soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

On Financial Management

Finance management is something that seems to be a complicated topic for some people. Especially those who are financially challenge. Managing our finances can be challenging because this is one of the major problem of people, money. Did you know that among the top new year’s resolution, one is to "Get out of debt"? It only means that a lot of people have been in a difficult financial situation once in their lives. And the reason why a lot of people also wouldn’t try to risk on stock investment or to an online stock trading simply because one, they don’t have the capital and two; they are unaware of the benefits of having such an investment. To tell you honestly, I’m one of those people who are still trying to get out of debt and learning financial management. I have been following a website that teaches about how to get out of debt and reading a lot of helpful articles to help me on this challenge. I have a dream that someday, I can be one of those people who have a stable investment on either stock market or whatever that will be best for me. Hopefully, by next year, I will be successful on my financial management journey.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two New Skills

I had a very productive morning yesterday. With the help of my two friends I practiced driving once again. It's because I haven't really drive a car after I enrolled in a driving school last 2008 and so I forgot all that I studied. And my friends are so good to help me get a refresher course. I wouldn't say I did well on my first day because I felt rattled, confused, and a little nervous being behind the wheel once again after 3 years. But my teachers said I'm not that slow learner, lol! I just needed more practice. and I'm really praying that a few days or weeks, I'll become a skilled and confident driver.

After my driving lesson, I played badminton with them. It was fun and a great exercise for me. I think it's going to be my weekly routine from now on. I want to be a good badminton player as well.

I'm so happy I'm learning two new skills, and although I'm a late bloomer I'm still proud of myself... LOL!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Hassle Free Private Tours

Planning a family event is a task that’s usually done by moms. Whether it’s a party, gatherings, and reunions, to family tours and vacation, moms usually do the job. And most moms in the end never get to enjoy the event due to the various tasks to be done, monitoring the event into its tiny detail. And I must say planning and executing it is a tiring task. That’s why there are party planners and even coordinators, to help us in preparing these events. But did you know that even if it’s a travel plan or vacation get away there are professionals whose forte is to help us make our vacation the most enjoyable and hassle free one?

That’s when Michael’s VIP tours enter in, the company to call when planning Walt Disney tours or any other Universal theme park getaway. They are there to make everything easy from day 1. You can really expect to be treated as VIPs to every theme part destination. They promise clients that they will feel like a kid again without having to think of anything when exploring Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios or Sea world. Interested parties can visit their website to have a glimpse of the service they provide. Their website has everything you need to know from all the things that you have to expect. From their services down to their rates it’s all there. Other companies do not disclose rates until the client calls them personally but the website provides it. Plus they have endorsements from previous clients to prove how good their services are.

So the next time you wanted to enjoy Walt Disney with your kids or any other private tours, get help from the experts and feel like kids once again.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

On Scrub Suits

My brother in law recently went to Riyadh to work. And since he doesn’t have yet the hospital’s uniforms he brought with him all his nursing scrubs. And when he arrived at the hospital, he was asked by the person in charge of the staff’s uniform where did he buy his scrub suits. The person seems to be looking for a place or a contractor where he can get cheap scrubs for all the staff. The hospital is new. If only we were there, my father can apply as contractor, hehe.

Anyway, it’s good that they like scrub suits made in the Philippines. Modern nursing uniforms nowadays are more pleasing to the eye because of various colors and prints unlike before. Now there are wide varieties of colors and styles of scrub suits to choose from. And makers of scrub suits also enjoy creating different styles. They are also easier to make because the fabric are easier to manage unlike white uniforms that needs extra care. Compare to nurses uniforms then and now, I like the trend now because the styles, colors and styles are better. They are pleasing to the eye to the patients, and they are easy to keep and maintain.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Dream Home

Every family dreams to live in the comfort of their own home that is furnished and fully paid, right? I know that every one of us have our own dream house. And we want to have them at the right time. Like every one, I also have my own dream home, we almost have it but circumstances came that we end up still renting. And the house that we currently staying is not what I really wanted. It was not properly maintained by the owner so there are a lot of renovations to be done that have not been given attention. If only we can acquire this to be our own house, we will surely make this a place that is comfortable to live in like what I seen in an Atlanta home remodeling site I’ve seen. I personally don’t like the kitchen since it doesn’t have cabinets and cupboards. The laundry area is still a problem. If only we have extra budget, we can have a bathroom and kitchen remodeling done since we can reimburse the expenses. But as of this moment, we still can’t do that because we have a lot of things that are first in our priority list. This house is situated in a good community. I personally like the environment because it’s peaceful. We are praying that if the Lord will, we can acquire this house instead of getting a place in far places where most realty development company put up residential properties. We’re praying that someday the owner will think of selling this to us through HDMF. It would be the best! Then, we can make this our dream home.

Dental Care for Kids

Having a beautiful smile needs beautiful sets of teeth right? I must agree I don’t have the most white and beautiful teeth since when I was young we have not given proper dental care, given the fact that it’s quite expensive that my parents (having 5 kids) did not afford it. But now that I have my own kids I realized the value of having proper dental care for them. I have two kids who already have their baby teeth. I have to say that I failed to take care of my eldest’s teeth so they eroded quickly even before she reached the age of five. I have consulted three children’s dentists already and they told me based on my daughter’s history that the early erosion might be caused my some medicines’ that she took when she was a baby. (She was diagnosed with neonatal seizure before). My little boy on the other hand is starting to have his milk teeth. His incisors have erupted already and so I am more cautious now as to the vitamins that he takes. Some kid’s dentists said that iron can be one of the causes of early corrosion on children’s teeth. I am not sure though if that is true but I’m still taking the precaution. I am now on the hunt for the best dentist for my kids and I am also considering Medicaid Dentists for their dental care. I know that it can be costly and expensive but this is one thing parents should consider for their kids to have confident smiles when they grow up.

Fresh Air

I visited my sister in her new house last week. The house was nice and it was situated in a good community with lots of trees. The atmosphere is really relaxing. I’m thinking of purchasing also a house in that area because of the beautiful surrounding with clean, cool and fresh air. The only problem is that it’s quite far from the city. Families who would want to live here should own a car for accessibility. But for me, this is a good place to raise a family. Living the city with air pollution can be hard for the kids especially on health issues. I know of some friends who even have to buy Rabbit Air purifiers to have clean air. So we as well endure the long drive than risking our health right?