Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Wish Came True!

I’m loving my hubby’s Christmas present which arrived last week. It was a Canon EOS Rebel camera. I almost leaped for joy when I finally held it for real. I’m a photographer wannabe so it was really one of my wishes to own a SLR and now I finally have it. One of my wishes finally came true! Thanks to my dearest and ever so loving husband, hehe. Now, shooting chandeliers, flowers, food or anything I want, could be done artistically (well, hopefully, LOL!) with the help of my SLR. Yey!


Heidi said...

I'm so green with envy right now, hehehe! I want an SLR camera too but that's so far down my priority list right now, that it would probably be quite a while before I get one.