Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Jamaica Could Be Your Prime Destination

Jamaica is a small but popular vacation island. Over the years our awareness of Jamaica has grown. One of the first things I can remember was the movie about the Jamaican bobsled team, as of course Jamaican does not have snow so the entrance of a Jamaican bobsled team in the Olympics was news around the world. Over time Jamaica has become known for its premium Blue Mountain coffee, popular reggae music and the famous musician, Bob Marley, and more recently the famous sprinter, Usain Bolt. What Jamaica has long been known for is its attraction as a vacation destination, and in particular its great beaches.

When in comes to resorts, Jamaica has a lot to offer since it’s the largest island in the Caribbean. It’s surrounded with by the beautiful Caribbean salt water sea and has white sand beaches along the coastal plains. It’s the place where you can find Blue Mountains inland and the seventh largest natural harbor in the world, the Kingston Harbour.

There are a lot of Jamaica hotels that tourists can choose from. The best are located on prime pieces of the Caribbean coastline. Breezes Resorts have resorts on various coveted areas of Jamaican coastline, and all of their resorts offer excellent all inclusive Jamaica packages that will provide everything you will need for your stay there. Their all inclusive vacation packages include your food, your accommodations, your drinks, tips and gratuities, an excellent selection of resort activities, as well as your hotel transfers and airport taxes.

I have been thinking a lot about a Jamaican vacation at one of these resorts. In particular I was looking at the area of Ocho Rios, which is on Jamaica's north coast. This is a busy tourist town and cruise port that provides tourists with a great place to shop and explore. It is also close to the Dunn's River Falls which is a very popular Jamaica tourist spot. I don't think I would like to stay right in Ocho Rios at one of the Ocho Rios hotels, as I think the beaches and the town will be very busy. Breezes has a great option in the nearby area of Runaway Bay that looks like an excellent alternative, and the resort is located right on a long section of beach and has its own private golf course. It’s definitely a place that I would love to visit someday.