Thursday, December 30, 2010

Food Business: Why Not?

I always love cooking. I think it runs in the family. And I don’t want to sound bragging but a lot of people have tasted the food that we cook and no one ever said bad things about how they tasted. A lot have even suggested that we put up a family owned food business or catering services. Well, why not? We actually thought about it but the lack of expertise with the nitty-gritty stuff and of course the needed capital have somehow halted us to pursue the idea. But honestly, we plan to pursue it somehow, someday. I’ve seen how technologies in the field of concessions have changed, and with how custom concessions successfully make cooking business easier now, I think we can possibly do our business plan and start our own concession business anytime soon. Honestly, I’m getting excited already. I'm even envisioning our own business name on catering tucks someday! :)