Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Home improvements are always exciting especially for me. I get to be excited because that means renovations, new furniture, and replacements of old, boring things inside the house. When we transferred to a new house last year, it was my first time to renovate a house. I was totally hands on since the owner of the house gave us all the rights to alter everything we want and since it’s refundable we did what needs to be done without worrying about budget. Good thing that we were able to get quality home construction supplies at bargain prices. We did alteration from door knobs to installing window screens to constructing a whole kitchen. My cousin said that in her place it’s the same, when they did some minor renovation in their rented place, they got the supplies from replacement window Denver, and just reimbursed the cost. Some people said it’s unfair for us since we are only tenants and will leave the house after a few years but we didn’t mind. What’s important is that we will be living in a house with personal touch.