Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Goal to Get an Organized and Improved House

I’ve been meaning to either buy some furniture in the house but I’m thinking if I’ll just have someone customized them for me. Honestly, I’m already irritated at how unorganized our things are. We really need to install a lot of cabinets to organized our things especially the kids’ toys and my book collection. The house also needs some improvements since it doesn’t have any built-in cabinets. Hopefully before the year ends, I can get all our things organized.

Well, I’ve already talked to the owner of the house for some home improvements that we badly need. He agreed that they will shoulder the cost of fixing the railings, improving the gate, fixing the ceilings and maybe installing some skylights and improving the flooring. My friend who just came from Riyadh gave me fireplace mantels that will really good on our floor if only we can get everything organized.

How I wish they will just sell this house to us so we can really do the things that we want. I want to have some additional rooms and maybe build a second floor so the ground floor will have room enough for the kitchen and the living room. Hay, it’s really one of my dream to have our own house someday.