Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized

You spend a lot of your time in your kitchen, and it is hard to keep it clean if you do not have an organizational plan in place, especially if you have a large family. Every member of your family should know the rules and be held accountable for them. You don’t have to run your kitchen like a restaurant, with commercial refrigeration and all, but there should be straightforward rules to ensure everyone does their part to keep it clean and even the younger kids should participate.

Suggested Kitchen Rules:

• Don’t leave dishes in the sink. It is easy for dishes to get stacked high if everyone just puts them in the sink. You should have a "no dishes in the sink" rule. This means that everything should go straight into the dishwasher and if the dishwasher contents are clean, the person has to unload it so their dirty dish can go inside.

• Clean up after yourself. This one is just common sense. There should be a rule that if a person makes a sandwich, or anything else, they have to clean off the counter when they are done and leave the place as clean as it was before they started.

• Close all bags and containers tightly. Food can easily go bad if it is not stored properly. Stale bread can be a problem as well as dried-out cookies. Make it a rule that everything has to be closed tightly after something is removed.

• Use only one cup or glass per day. Cups can be a pet peeve of many moms because they can be left everywhere around the house. If this still continues to be a problem in your home, even after the rules are set in place, color code cups so kids know which one is theirs.