Friday, November 26, 2010

Add Something Practical to Your Christmas List

When making a Christmas list, most people don't like to add practical things like underwear or shoes. In fact, these are extremely rarely put on Christmas lists. When you think about it, though, they definitely should have a place. Of course no one wants to only get practical things for the holidays, but getting a few things that will be used on a regular basis is always nice.

When you are making your shopping and wish lists, think about things that you need rather than just what you want. For example, if you only have sandals, you may want to consider asking Santa for some boots or close-toed shoes. If you have lost weight recently, some new clothes that fit could be just what you want and need! Or maybe your microwave is on the fritz. Getting a new one rather than having to go out and get one after it has completely died is extremely helpful in the long run.

On the other hand, you don't have to only ask for responsible things. We all have things that we want that are not necessities, or anything close. Video games, gaming systems, ebook readers, and new cell phones are frequently on the top of many people's lists. These are all great. Entertainment and fun are huge parts of the holidays. So, even if you do make the switch to putting practical, responsible items on your wish list this year, don't forget to put on some things that are fun as well. Even something like a gift card to a spa or massage parlor could be a great fun gift. Being able to relax and enjoy yourself is a great way to spend this year's holidays.