Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sports Teams Sometimes Act as Surrogate Families

Sometimes it seems that things should be different than you find them. Everyone wants the best for themselves and their loved ones, yet the ‘best’ is not always what people have. In an effort to change this, many people turn to sports betting at sportsbooks to help them cope with their desire to implement change in their lives. The hope is that by calculating odds, following and sifting through statistics, and by applying clever deductions guided by evaluating competitive outcomes, one can beat the odds and make some extra money. Money allows people to feel that they are capable of obtaining the best things in life for themselves, and maybe that’s where the thinking is a little bit off.

You see, being happy, or even content, is not a state of mind which can be bought; it’s not a commodity for sale. One is most satisfied when they do not feel a need for material things. This might sound a bit zen-like, but the basic idea remains – surrounded by friends, family members, and others who care for an individual, that person will feel cared for and loved. That’s why the family institution is such a valuable, if informal, organization. Its reach extends beyond mere physical boundaries, across towns, states, and even the borders of all countries.

Sometimes people don’t have family or relatives who are currently living, and it can be a challenge to find that state of being content that others can derive from family interactions. In their effort to create a surrogate family environment, they often find themselves drawn towards a unifying ideal. That ideal is often found in sports teams, the creation and following of which can give a person a feeling of identity. Whether they’ve lost family members or not, many folks feel a kinship with the sports team of their choosing. Perhaps this is a contemporary version of family.