Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Couples can use Online Games for Date Night Fun

Put some fun back into your date nights with your husband with online games. You're probably tired of the same old dinner and a movie routine, so why not try a bit of healthy competition to spice things up? With the wide range of games now available online, it's easy to find a game you'll both enjoy.

For the first few weeks, try choosing a new game or two together so that you'll both enjoy playing. After a while you may want to take turns picking your online games, but keep in mind that you want your spouse to enjoy the challenge. If you know shopping is a fate worse than death for your husband, don't select a shopping game or you're likely to end up disappointed on date night!

There are plenty of online games that appeal equally to both sexes. If you're fans of true crime stories, police shows, and paperback thrillers, one of the many mystery or crime games available online will be a pleasure for both of you. You may even learn a bit more about your hubby, like his talent for finding clues in the smallest details of a room. Or you could reveal your natural talent for interrogating witnesses. Discovering something new about your spouse is one of the thrills of online gaming.

There's plenty of fun to be had in games like "Making Mr. Right," an online dating game that requires players to create and train the perfect man. Will your creation be completely different from the Mr. Right your husband cooks up? What does your spouse think makes the perfect man? You may be surprised!

With online games, a bit of friendly competition can be quite an aphrodisiac. Try downloading a few this weekend and see where it leads!