Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Combining Business with Pleasure for Happiness

Business or pleasure; those two words seem to permeate our everyday lives. We are either doing business, making money and working nine to five, or we are doing the pleasurable things in life that make us happy. These things can include being with our kids, helping our neighbors, enjoying our garden, or taking a luxurious nap.

Yes, business or pleasure. That is what our lives are all about.

But in reality, do these two have to be separate? Surely there is a way to conduct business that is pleasurable and way that pleasure can be helpful to those we deal with, as well as helpful to ourselves.

One business that can really be pleasurable and also helpful to others is the area of mortgages and refinancing homes. I have known several great financial experts in the real estate market who get great pleasure out of helping those in need of a mortgage get one that suits their particular situations. Every one of these experts holds the customer and their desires first, and every one of them is successful and more importantly, happy.

A good friend of mine works solely in the mortgage business and really understands Vermont refinance rates and the refinance business. Vermont clients are constantly referring him to others in need of an honest and appropriate refinance program for their homes. Because of his honesty and love of people, he is now getting inquiries from all over the northeast. He is helping others ease and improve their financial situation while prospering himself. What could be better?

So, if our lives seem all about work with no pleasure, or all about pleasure without helping others, maybe we can assess our individual situations to see how we can be happy in what we do and help others at the same time.

Sounds like a win-win to me!