Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Baby Proofing with Baby Gates

During the last four days that our helper was MIA and I stayed at home to fulfill my duty as a doting mom, I have discovered a lot of things from my kids. My four year old girl’s chattiness and daily activities on weekdays, and my fast growing six month old baby boy’s development. Whew! I was really surprised to see milestones in a span of four days. Last Sunday I saw that the little boy can already clap his hands so we enjoyed singing together while clapping. His tiny little chubby hands were sooo cute as he clasped them together.

The following day I found him sitting all by himself then eventually crawled. He went as fast as he can towards my direction. That made me realized that the house is not safe anymore for him. We haven’t baby proofed our house yet since I thought that he might start crawling by the time he reached 7 or 8 months. I was wrong. Now I’m on a rush to baby-proofing the entire house. I dug into our storage room to collect all the rubber mats that the little girl used when she was a tot, gathered and assembled them on the floor. Then I purchased outlet covers and fan covers and started covering all the open outlets and electric fans. Now, I’m on a hunt for affordable baby gates. I’m looking for a local supplier but haven’t found any yet. I saw an extra wide baby gates at at $99.99 but I wonder if they can deliver one to our house. I guess they do but I don’t know how much the cost of shipping would be. I hope a friend in the US will be going home soon so I can have her purchase this for me. :) I’m on a rush! Whew!