Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekends Will Never Be the Same with PS3 Games

With the advent of seventh generation gaming consoles, Sony caught a head start with its release of the PlayStation 3, along with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s Wii, becoming one of the world’s most popular gaming consoles. With over 320 million units of PS3 games sold, it is difficult to not consider the fame and influence of the various games, some of which have become bestselling and remain players’ favorites throughout.

The PS3 ships in with latest accessories, such as the wireless Dual Shock 3 and the Sixaxis movement controllers, the wireless Precision controller, the Driving Force GT controller, BD remote, the PlayStation Eye, digital video recorder and numerous others in the array. The most talked about accessory, with a forthcoming release in late 2010, is the PlayStation Move motion sensor, which is the first of its kind. This accessory will support games which are based on remote player movement. The Move works in close conjunction with the Eye (web cam), to detect player’s movements of the head, trunk, hands and feet, required to perform during the game. The sensors are powerful and detect even the most subtle or minor movement of the player, which is then reflected through the avatar in the PS3 game.

New Move games to hit the PS3 market, along with the release of the accessory, are Echocrome II, Beat Sketcher, EyePet, Kung Fu Rider, Start the Party, Rail Shooter, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Sports Champions and Time Crisis. Weekends will never be the same once the PS3 Move moves into the house, and chances are that entire schedules will topple. I’m looking forward to throw some kicks at the Triads of Kung Fu Rider in the streets of Hong Kong, check how fast I can dodge missiles in Rail Shooter, tee with Tiger Woods PGA Tour or dance to Start the Party.

Combining Business with Pleasure for Happiness

Business or pleasure; those two words seem to permeate our everyday lives. We are either doing business, making money and working nine to five, or we are doing the pleasurable things in life that make us happy. These things can include being with our kids, helping our neighbors, enjoying our garden, or taking a luxurious nap.

Yes, business or pleasure. That is what our lives are all about.

But in reality, do these two have to be separate? Surely there is a way to conduct business that is pleasurable and way that pleasure can be helpful to those we deal with, as well as helpful to ourselves.

One business that can really be pleasurable and also helpful to others is the area of mortgages and refinancing homes. I have known several great financial experts in the real estate market who get great pleasure out of helping those in need of a mortgage get one that suits their particular situations. Every one of these experts holds the customer and their desires first, and every one of them is successful and more importantly, happy.

A good friend of mine works solely in the mortgage business and really understands Vermont refinance rates and the refinance business. Vermont clients are constantly referring him to others in need of an honest and appropriate refinance program for their homes. Because of his honesty and love of people, he is now getting inquiries from all over the northeast. He is helping others ease and improve their financial situation while prospering himself. What could be better?

So, if our lives seem all about work with no pleasure, or all about pleasure without helping others, maybe we can assess our individual situations to see how we can be happy in what we do and help others at the same time.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

Stunning Tacori Engagement Rings

Getting married is a special day for every women, regardless of where she is from. There is just something about tying the knot with that special person you want to spend your life with. It is both romantic and beautiful to say the least. Naturally, it takes a phenomenal piece of jewelry to seal the deal and make it official. This is where the almighty diamond comes into the picture. As everyone knows, each woman has a stunning diamond ring in mind for her engagement ring. After all, this is the most precious of all stones, and it literally lasts forever. This is why it has been an expression of love and commitment for centuries.

Choosing the right engagement ring can be a challenge for men everywhere. This is why it is important for women to throw out hints here and there. If a woman is into white gold bands or platinum, she should express this. If she prefers a marquis cut diamond or an emerald cut stone, she should specify this preference at some time or another. This way, that special someone will not be left completely in the dark when shopping for the ideal ring. High-end selections like Tacori engagement rings have plenty to offer women with various tastes and preferences.

Every woman wants that special day of her wedding to be perfect. This goes without saying. Why else would ladies everywhere put so much effort into planning and preparing for that exceptional occasion? One thing is for certain; there are countless options and broad selections of engagements rings available these days. This makes the process of finding that special piece of jewelry a great deal easier. The key is to really explore the infinite options and variations before making any decisions on a specific ring.

Bond with Your Child: Help with the SATs

One of the many joyful experiences in life is raising your children. You always look for the best ways to improve your child’s life and his or her happiness. After all, what’s better than being a part of your son or daughter's life and being there to guide them through as many obstacles as possible? One of the many important times in your kid's life is when they are about to complete high school and embark on the next part of their educational life. This starts with the SATs, which determine the college or university they will end up in.

As a parent you are there to support them, and like every parent you try to make life a little more easy and little more fun in this stressful time period. There are many things you can do to help, and research shows that the best teachers are the ones who know the kids the best; that would be you! If you feel that you are not qualified to teach your kids, there are other options available. Find them the best SAT prep school or study guide you can. The score your children achieve in their SATs largely depends on the preparation they have gone through. For some kids this experience is enjoyable, while for others it may just be a breaking point in their lives. Either way, as long as they know that they have your support the SATs can be a lot less stressful.

Finding the best SAT prep program is much easier than you may think. With the help of the internet and helpful individuals at the various school offices, you can easily locate the preparation guide that best meets your child’s learning style. This process can help you and your child find a bonding moment like none other.

Simplifying the Sticky Issues

Having a healthy relationship is important, but no one said that it would be easy. Especially when you're married and trying to establish a household, it seems like a constant state of crisis will be present in your life. This doesn't necessarily mean a problem with the relationship itself. Far more commonly, in fact, it's some sticky issue that is difficult to maneuver as a couple. The trick here is almost always to simplify the issue to reduce conflict.

Debt and finances are not just a major issue in relationships; they are THE major issue. This subject is often cited as the number one reason for relationship arguments. The best solution in the world is just to get out of debt and be financially secure. When this isn't possible, handing the task off to someone else can be a viable solution. Debt consolidation services can help remove the strain of figuring out bill payments, and it can help you get out of debt more quickly.

For financial issues, anything left in your court should be handle by using CCC - or "crystal clear communication." This is the best solution for money issues, but it's also the first important step in almost anything you do. Make sure that both partners in the relationship know which tasks fall to them, and that everyone feels the situation is fair.

Similarly, in like disciplining a child, taking the time to communicate about appropriate consequences, who is to enact them and what to do in exceptional circumstances is important. Then it's simply a matter of applying the rules consistently in order to make life simpler for you and your children. After all, children are in desperate need of stability and clarity. Applying understandable and consistent rules will provide this for them, and make it more likely that they will respect you as an authority figure.

Relocation and Your Marriage

It can happen. Your spouse comes home one day to announce that his job is relocating him to another state. You can handle it in a myriad of ways, such as pulling out the phone book to schedule the movers to come in, pack everything up, and deliver it to the new home you will soon be house hunting for. Or, you can freak out.

Of course, you want to handle it in the best way for your marriage. After all, this is but one part of your relationship because wherever you live together is your home. While it sounds good in theory, relocating can be hard on your relationship, your kids and your life. Learning some coping mechanisms to overcome challenges and make the best of it can help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

Have a Discussion

It’s okay to feel the way that you feel about the move—be it sad, mad, disappointed, excited, or ready and willing to hit the road. Sit down, even if it is for only 10 minutes and discuss how you feel with your spouse. Then allow him to share his feelings with you. Getting it all out can help overcome negative feelings, just as it can highlight the good points of the move.

Research the Possibilities

New cities, places and homes can bring a new sense of excitement and new opportunities to your family. Find out what the new city has to offer. Go online as if you are a tourist heading off to a “far off land” and find out what activities there are to do there, what the residents are like, and what you can look forward to doing and sharing when you are living there. A lot of relocation fear is just about change, but once you overcome the fear by gaining knowledge it can be an enjoyable experience.

For Lovers Or Families: Jersey City Apartments Await

New York City is one of the most romantic cities in the world. There's just something magical in the air when you visit here and take in the sights, sounds, and even the smells. Whether it's an evening stroll through Central Park or a night on Broadway, it's easy to see how you could fall in love in the city.

The city is also a great place for families. You could bring your little ones to the Central Park Zoo or go back in time and visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Head to FAO Schwartz for toys that even the biggest kid will enjoy and marvel at the bright lights in Times Square. Whether it's just the two or you or the entire gang, New York City is a fabulous place to be.

If you've put the Big Apple on your list of vacation spots, be sure to check out Jersey City apartments. Instead of a cramped, overpriced hotel room, you could be staying at a luxurious apartment just across the river from the Statue of Liberty. Not only will you be close to all that the city has to offer, you'll also have some of the most stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Check out all that awaits here.

You could purchase a Jersey City apartment for yourself. Think about the possibilities. You could visit the city anytime you want, knowing that your own home-away-from home is waiting for you. Or you could rent the apartment out to others who have come to enjoy the excitement of NYC.

If purchasing isn't in the cards right now, check around to see if anyone is renting or subletting a Jersey City apartment. You'll love all the room you'll have to sprawl out and you simply cannot beat the views. See for yourself why these apartments are the place to be.

Sports Teams Sometimes Act as Surrogate Families

Sometimes it seems that things should be different than you find them. Everyone wants the best for themselves and their loved ones, yet the ‘best’ is not always what people have. In an effort to change this, many people turn to sports betting at sportsbooks to help them cope with their desire to implement change in their lives. The hope is that by calculating odds, following and sifting through statistics, and by applying clever deductions guided by evaluating competitive outcomes, one can beat the odds and make some extra money. Money allows people to feel that they are capable of obtaining the best things in life for themselves, and maybe that’s where the thinking is a little bit off.

You see, being happy, or even content, is not a state of mind which can be bought; it’s not a commodity for sale. One is most satisfied when they do not feel a need for material things. This might sound a bit zen-like, but the basic idea remains – surrounded by friends, family members, and others who care for an individual, that person will feel cared for and loved. That’s why the family institution is such a valuable, if informal, organization. Its reach extends beyond mere physical boundaries, across towns, states, and even the borders of all countries.

Sometimes people don’t have family or relatives who are currently living, and it can be a challenge to find that state of being content that others can derive from family interactions. In their effort to create a surrogate family environment, they often find themselves drawn towards a unifying ideal. That ideal is often found in sports teams, the creation and following of which can give a person a feeling of identity. Whether they’ve lost family members or not, many folks feel a kinship with the sports team of their choosing. Perhaps this is a contemporary version of family.

Couples can use Online Games for Date Night Fun

Put some fun back into your date nights with your husband with online games. You're probably tired of the same old dinner and a movie routine, so why not try a bit of healthy competition to spice things up? With the wide range of games now available online, it's easy to find a game you'll both enjoy.

For the first few weeks, try choosing a new game or two together so that you'll both enjoy playing. After a while you may want to take turns picking your online games, but keep in mind that you want your spouse to enjoy the challenge. If you know shopping is a fate worse than death for your husband, don't select a shopping game or you're likely to end up disappointed on date night!

There are plenty of online games that appeal equally to both sexes. If you're fans of true crime stories, police shows, and paperback thrillers, one of the many mystery or crime games available online will be a pleasure for both of you. You may even learn a bit more about your hubby, like his talent for finding clues in the smallest details of a room. Or you could reveal your natural talent for interrogating witnesses. Discovering something new about your spouse is one of the thrills of online gaming.

There's plenty of fun to be had in games like "Making Mr. Right," an online dating game that requires players to create and train the perfect man. Will your creation be completely different from the Mr. Right your husband cooks up? What does your spouse think makes the perfect man? You may be surprised!

With online games, a bit of friendly competition can be quite an aphrodisiac. Try downloading a few this weekend and see where it leads!

I'll Drive Some Day

Driving is a scary, interesting art form that I am a little sad to admit that I've never gotten into. It's one of those things in life. I don't think I would have a problem doing it, but there is just something in my way. Maybe I'm just resisting myself for some reason. Or maybe it's a part of God's plan, and it just isn't the right time for me to do this. I had this funny thought that my daughter and I might take Driver's Ed classes together, and maybe pass at the same time. I couldn't really critique her very much, if I was just a novice myself.

Every so often I'll be online, doing something fun when I come across one of those car insurance ads that pop up everywhere. I don't mind ads at all; they are how people and businesses make money online, and all that. But it reminds me of this skill that so many people take for granted, that I do not yet have. I do get a little bit embarrassed by this, as the Philippines has become such a luxurious bed of opportunities to earn plenty of money for nice things like cars. It almost seems like to not have one, let alone to not be able to drive it, means that I am not living up to my potential.

Of course, I also have the big goal of learning more languages. I'm not sure which languages, of course, but there are plenty of great ones to choose from. Maybe I could learn French, and say sweet romantic things to my hubby. I wonder if he would give me flowers more often if I were sweeter to him first. I don't know, but it's worth a try. A girl can only go so long without feeling like she might be doing something wrong, you know? Hope not.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gold and Gold Firms

Ready to invest but don’t know how to start? If you decided to have gold coins as your investment, you made a good decision. Financial analysts have been saying incessantly that gold is one of the best and safest investments. Why, because it doesn’t depreciate in value and even keeps on appreciating over time. You only have to play your cards well and seek assistance to trusted firms expert in this field like United States Gold Bureau. They do not only sell your initial gold investment, they also give assistance on how to get you started with gold investment so you’ll succeed. I believe there are not many firms like the US gold bureau here in the Philippines I haven’t searched yet if we have a firm like this. I hope we also have one.

Despicable Me

r if I

I have been reading good reviews about this movie. I wonder if I will let the little girl watch this. We weren't able to watch Toy Story 3 last time since it was already out in the movie theaters when I decided to watch it. It's been a year since she last went to a movie, I guess I will let her watch this time..I've been planning a day out with her and this might be a good one.

She Misses Daddy...

I was surprised during the service this morning when my niece reported that my daughter was crying. I asked her why and she said that my daughter misses her dad…awwww…that was sad but I thought it a bit weird that my daughter had that kind of feeling while we a church service. I wonder what could be the cause why she suddenly misses her dad. I really felt sad too. As much as possible I don’t want her to feel that way but maybe we can really teach our children what to feel. She’s growing and she starting to really express what she feels. Haaay.


I didn’t know that Accutane Lawsuit happen until I heard about it. Accutane is actually a drug that helps cure acne. Four to five months of Accutane treatment usually leads to clearing of acne but an excessive used may cause damage to skin. I actually heard a news one time about a woman who was complaining about skin problem after using a product with accutane. She had several burns and she was really furious because she initially wanted to h ave whiter skin but ended a disaster. Good thing there are lawyers from O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath who are expert in this kind of cases and will help you get the justice you deserve.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good night!

I’m off to bed after this. My little miss is waiting for me to go sleep beside her. I can’t really work at home as long as she’s awake.. haay..mommyness. Anyways, I have bookmarked a site that talks about herbal slimming pills. I will be sharing the information I got to my office mate who’s now on a very strict diet :D. I hope I’ll be able to help her lose weight before her boyfriend arrive next month. Good night for now!


Have you tried using maxi peel? I did but the one that’s only for mild acne. Acne was never a problem to me ever since. I only need to use this product after I gave birth, actually three months after I gave birth because my face became darker when I was pregnant with the little boy. After using it, my face became clearer and fairer. I experienced light peeling of dead skin cells and I felt rejuvenated. I must say it’s one of the best acne product I tried.

My Little Miss

Here's my little girl as she strikes a pose for mommy..
Taken last Sept. 9 :)

Healthy Husbands

I am thankful that my husband is always in good health, it’s because he takes health supplements. I can always rely on him when he’s in good shape. There was never a time that he got sick especially during the time that I was pregnant and after I gave birth, the time that I needed him most. It’s good for men to take necessary supplements especially when he was to be there for his love ones. Want to find the best vitamins for you? click here .

No-no to bulging tummy.

Women love their men to be fit. Most women love strong muscles and nice six-pack abs. Who wouldn’t want right? But I don’t understand why most of the married man I know exercise less when they got married, the result…bulging tummy. It shouldn’t be the case. Even if you’re already married you can still have nice body by continuously doing exercises, going to the gym and eating nutritious food. Even if your wives cook the most sumptuous meal every day, you have to control yourself from eating a lot! LOL! So for men out there who wants to get good looking body start the hunt for the top rated diet pills if you want to lose weight fast.

Amazing Hoodia

I now understand why most people who wanted to lose weight chose hoodia supplement over others. I just found out that hoodia is one of the most popular diet pill ingredients. It’s because it’s nature’s gift to mankind to help reduce weight. It contains chemical components that tell the brain that the person doesn’t need any food. It limits your appetite, which limits food intake, which results to reduce your weight. Isn’t that amazing?

How To Stay Away From Wrinkles

I got this article from

This is really helpful specially to those like me who's not getting any younger, admit it or not, LOL!

These are the most frequent causes of premature wrinkles appearance:

1. Gravity: that usually forms wrinkles in the both lateral sides of you nose, and they go down, to your mouth. For preventing these wrinkles to appear apply daily a hydrating cream and do some massage, backwards, from mouth area to the nose lateral sides.

2. Intrinsic oldness: it is usually caused by excessive drinking or smoking, but it can sometimes have genetic reasons.

3. Your sleeping way: the way you keep your face during night sleep is a key factor in getting (or not) wrinkles. The best way to prevent this is by sleeping with your face up, lying on your back.

4. Face expressions: unfortunately, your smile, your funny faces…can bring up some serious wrinkles on your face.

5. Polluting factors: sun, pollution, wind.

From all these factors we have to warn you that the most dangerous one is: the sun. If you feel like having sun baths all day long, you have to know some things before, maybe you will reconsider. Sun is the key factor for skin cancer, and premature skin oldness. You have to know that SPF cream for face is one of the most important factors that help you fight against wrinkles. Because your face has a more sensitive skin than the rest of your body, you need to offer it a precise treatment.

Signature Clothes from Thrift Shops

I’ve been browsing some fashion sites lately and came across "Ukay Queen’s" site, I became an instant fan, hehe. I’m so inspired about how she was able to earn thru second hand clothes and accessories. She’s brilliant and very creative. Anyway, I saw her collection of prom dresses and I can’t believe she was able to get great finds of signature dresses. How I wish I can also found one. I think I’ll start checking out the thrift shops near us.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Setting Good Examples

I’m so much thankful that our parents raised us as persons with high regard for good health. We we’re brought up not seeing our parents addicted to any vices like alcohol, cigarettes or gambling. And that’s what we also want our children to become. I never want them to taste cigarettes (even if there are already electronic cigarrettes), liquor and what the world offers as “good things” in life. That’s why me and my husband vowed to set good examples to them and vowed to brought them well so that they will become responsible and good citizens someday. I believe that’s how parents should be.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Have you seen a real gold bullion? I haven’t and I wish I would. When I was young I heard that one of our neighbors was lucky to find a bag filled with bars and bars of gold. I didn’t know the real story and what happened to them. All I know is that they left our town and disappeared. Rumors said that they haven’t managed their gold well so they end up living the same as before they got lucky. That was sad. But then that’s what happened for instant millionaires that are not wise enough to invest. If I was the one to be blessed with such wealth, I will definitely invest it. Gold is the best investment if only you know how to play your cards well. How I wish I will be able to find gold from our yard, hehe.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Baby Proofing with Baby Gates

During the last four days that our helper was MIA and I stayed at home to fulfill my duty as a doting mom, I have discovered a lot of things from my kids. My four year old girl’s chattiness and daily activities on weekdays, and my fast growing six month old baby boy’s development. Whew! I was really surprised to see milestones in a span of four days. Last Sunday I saw that the little boy can already clap his hands so we enjoyed singing together while clapping. His tiny little chubby hands were sooo cute as he clasped them together.

The following day I found him sitting all by himself then eventually crawled. He went as fast as he can towards my direction. That made me realized that the house is not safe anymore for him. We haven’t baby proofed our house yet since I thought that he might start crawling by the time he reached 7 or 8 months. I was wrong. Now I’m on a rush to baby-proofing the entire house. I dug into our storage room to collect all the rubber mats that the little girl used when she was a tot, gathered and assembled them on the floor. Then I purchased outlet covers and fan covers and started covering all the open outlets and electric fans. Now, I’m on a hunt for affordable baby gates. I’m looking for a local supplier but haven’t found any yet. I saw an extra wide baby gates at at $99.99 but I wonder if they can deliver one to our house. I guess they do but I don’t know how much the cost of shipping would be. I hope a friend in the US will be going home soon so I can have her purchase this for me. :) I’m on a rush! Whew!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Why Choosing a Payday Loan

Let’s be realistic: everyone faces a financial crisis at some point in their life. Bad financial moments affect everyone: the largest worldwide companies (just take a look at General Motors), your neighbor, family members, and even we. It is something that cannot be avoided. At some point in our life, we all face situations like having an unpaid bill. What can vary from person to person is the way to solve their financial problem. Some prefer to take a credit loan, while others choose to take a payday loan. I believe the latter one is the smarter choice to take.

A payday loan is generally a payment you ask from your company ahead of your normal paycheck arrival time, in order to make a few expenses that need instant attention, it is a generally fairer way to attain fast cash as credit card payments generally end up building huge bundles of interest on them, which lead to the person being in a deeper financial crisis as the end of the month draws nearer. This has evolved due to people not being able to save up a lot of their earnings as it is very difficult to survive in this time of price hike. People will ask their source of earning to make them a payment in advance to help them survive the difficult times that have come upon them, it is a benefit for them and this form generally has no interest to be paid on it.

We can say the payday loan is the best source to cover for those immediate or emergency payments, but just be sure not to take up more than your actual payment, getting carried away by earning easy money will always bring up a lot of difficulties in the future, and you just might lose your job.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Travel Comfortably

When traveling to other countries having your own car is not necessary. Going around is a breeze with car rentals. This is what my boss does when he travels. When he went to visit his son last year, he got the service of an orlando car rental.He has an international driver’s license as well so driving was not a problem. He was able to drive anywhere in Florida, just like having his own car. I just don’t know how much did he paid for it. It might be a little bit expensive but still it provided comfort to his travel.