Friday, August 27, 2010

Is Your Spouse Married to Online Casino Games?

In a perfect world, free from marital distractions, we’d shut off our Blackberrys, I-Phones, laptops and DVR recorders at the end of a long day. We’d want to spend free time with our spouses, children and loved ones, and not with our bosses and supervisors via e-mail, reality stars via television or card players via online casino games. Unfortunately though, that’s exactly where most overstressed, overworked parents and families gravitate at the end of the day. Even though we may not know it, these tiny daily distractions actually chip away at our bonds with out husbands and wives over time.

Carving quality time for your spouse, when both of you have jam-packed schedules day and night can be a challenge, for sure – but if you consciously make the decision to prioritize your time, it becomes effortless. You’ll find yourself looking forward to that time after work with your loved ones, and not with your beloved television remote or computer mouse. To achieve more balance in your relationship and your life, you must first make a few difficult changes.

First, it’s important slowly pry yourself away from the digital distractions after work hours – and include your spouse in your hobbies. Instead of playing online casino games, grab a deck of cards and sit with your family around the table. You’ll eventually find you enjoy yourself even more when you engage in a favorite activity with your loved ones instead of an anonymous opponent online.

Secondly, make a point to sit and have meals together, engaging in conversations about your day. It’s too easy to grab dinner and plop in front of the television or computer – but you’re missing out on crucial quality time in your marriage. These small changes are easy to work into your daily life, and can greatly improve your marriage. Learn to enjoy your favorite activities together instead of zoning out separately in front of your respective screens.