Thursday, August 05, 2010

Anevay's Birthday

Last July 24, we attended Anevay's 4th birthday (Blogger friend Milet's daughter). My daughter loves attending birthday parties so she's so excited. And of course she's a big fan of Jollibee so upon knowing that the party will at Jollibee, that made her even more excited. After we had our lunch we went to SM Marikina to buy a gift for the celebrant and she personally picked the gift. She even said that Anevay will surely liked it, lol!

I told my helper to come with us so that Johan will be able to attend to. It's my son's first time to attend a birthday party so I'm not surprised to see his reactions when we entered the place. He seems to be excited upon seeing a lot of kids and colorful balloons. He likes to touch the balloon that his sister was holding and his eyes are following it everywhere it goes, see the pic? LOL!

She didn't want to join the games so she just watched the kids as they play.

But of course, my daughter's party experience won't be complete if she won't be able to have a picture with the big orange bug! When Jollibee entered the room, her eyes twinkled. She's kept on asking me that she want's a picture with Jollibee.

My daughter really had fun. Jollibee made her day. Thanks Mommy Milet for inviting us :)