Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today...is my Birthday!

I am another year older, wiser, and more grateful. Thank you for a wonderful birthday!

Allow me to make a humble “thank you” note
For all the people who remembered me and wrote.
For those who left messages everywhere and bothered
And those wonderful friends who chatted and lingered.
You who took time out from your otherwise busy day
You who stopped awhile, left me a message and did say,
My dear friend, Mhay I wish you a very “Happy Birthday”!

You who would have otherwise said,
“Nah, I don’t need to write it, such a greeting is overrated.
After all, a birthday to one is but a usual day to some.
And look at her, she’s probably having enough fun!”

You, who would have otherwise decided that it’s better not to greet
Than be branded either “eagerly excited” or “terribly late”,
You who would have logged in and out without a trouble or a care.
Still, you did what you did, left a greeting, au contraire.

It’s friends like you who make birthdays happier
People like you who make parties thrown here and there,
Look no more fabulous and appear none the grander.

It is you who makes me pause in this hurried, confounded world
To appreciate life, count my blessings and remember what I’ve always been told –
That friends come and go, in myriad colors, shapes and sizes.
They add meaning to your existence, oh the pleasure of one who socializes!

They may promise to stay forever, swear on their lives and say: “Leave you? Oh never!”
The next day they’d be packing like crazy, running after lost dreams, gripping a dagger!
But the footprint they leave on that old hostile path you once traversed together
Stay with you long after the journey’s over, most times enduring even the harshest of weather.

These friends I speak of may be actual or virtual. They maybe new or old.
I might not see them now in the flesh, never did so, and probably never would.
But the thought of their very existence is enough to put a smile in a face like mine,
That though most times appear smug and happy, let it not beguile
That I’m not without my own challenges or share of this world’s troubles, every once in a while.

Thank you for your greetings, dear friends who I value greatly.
Be it known to you — now and for all eternity –
That every message you send me, moving swiftly and securely,

Aided by the wonders of technology, from 3.5G mobile to Web 2.0 that’s ever so lively,
From the farthest continents, across the seas of whatever country or territory –
Is treasured, never forgotten, forever appreciated and cherished as priceless
By someone whose natal day has been made special by your warmest greetings and wonderful wishes!

Lifted here though tweaked a bit...