Saturday, July 03, 2010

Less of Me, More of Them

Before, (that’s when the kids are still inside the gift boxes of God, hehe) whenever I’m at home and during lazy weekends, I grab a book and sit on our bean bag couch and outdoor pillows until I doze off. Now, I can’t do that anymore. There’s the talkative young lady who wants to grab my attention every now and then, and the cute little boy whom I can’t resist whenever I hear him squeals and babbles. I can only have a time for myself when they are both asleep, but not to read a book but to go online and work while listening to my favorite play list. That’s how my life has changed when I got married and had two kids. But I had no regrets at all. I’m so blessed to have them even though having them means less time for myself. My family is my life and my kids are my treasures.