Friday, July 09, 2010

Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle

I had a short conversation with an old friend last week who’s practicing a healthy lifestyle now. He told me that almost all that we’re eating nowadays are garbage and are not good for our body. Even some food that were being tagged as healthy and nutritious still have some defects one way or another. So now, he’s very very cautious about the food he intakes. Studies shows that some of the food that we eat had cancer causing ingredients. And since my health buff friend doesn’t want to get malignant Mesothelioma, let alone any kind of disease, he started his healthy lifestyle journey. He said it is quite difficult but as the adage goes, health is wealth! You don’t have to worry when you have a healthy lifestyle.


HealthyMom said...

You have a very wise friend. Thanks for the article. A Healthy lifestyle has so many benefits and increase your longevity