Friday, July 09, 2010

How Bout A Home That You Can Take Anywhere You Want?

I first saw a motor home in one of the movies I watch when I was young. I didn’t know that we can also have these kinds of homes here. As I passed by Libis every day, I always see that particular bill board that features a Pinoy motor home. Well, this is great for those who don’t have permanent residence yet and needs some place to stay immediately. Also good for some actors and actresses who are so busy that they seldom go home, this could be their home extension. With this great inventions, getting a house now is easy as 123 and manufacturers or sellers of these motor homes gives motor home repairs so your home repairs and maintenance will never be problem. Hubby told me one time that this could be an alternative since we don’t have our own place yet. But I said that this kind of home will not be good for us, so no. We’re not going to buy one, lol!