Friday, June 18, 2010


It’s father’s day on Sunday and I’m feeling a bit sad that the husband’s not here to celebrate it. I really miss my husband. Although we talk through email every day, and go to hear his voice and talk to him during Friday, its still not the same when he’s here. Now I’m just reminiscing the times we spent together as a family before he left. Last April 30, we went to the Mall of Asia to celebrate his birthday. I remember how happy we are during that day. We really had fun. Hubby and little girl enjoyed watching the sunset through the binoculars placed on one side of the mall facing Manila Bay. They also enjoyed riding the Wow Wheels. It was really a fun fun day. We went home at already 11pm, tired but happy. It would be two years of waiting again before we can have another day like that. Sigh…