Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mommy Moments - Daddy Moments

mommy moments

Today is Father's Day and Mommy Moments is honoring our dearest dads (husbands). Here are some pictures of our daddy moments:

When daddy returned from working abroad, I witnessed how he devoted so much time to take care of our daughter. And when we have our son, he was a hands-on dad. He was a "stay-at-home-dad" for one year and even though he doesn't have a job, I appreciate so much the time he gave to our kids. He's been a very loving daddy.Now that he's back in Riyadh, he never fails to check on the kids, and tell them how much he loves them.

We are indeed so blessed to have him.


By MelCole of PA said...

Happy Father's day to your hubby sis! That's so sweet naman na love na love talaga ni Hubby mo the kids. I am enjoying watching the sweet pictures you got here :)

Chris said...

happy father's day to him!