Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MJ is Four Months!

Yes...his growing up so fast is inevitable :)

According to ivillage, here are the milestones of babies at 4 months:

Body Movement

  • Arm and leg movements are better controlled.
  • Rolls over from tummy to back with ease.
  • When lying on tummy, his legs straighten, and he will make swimming movements with both arms and legs.
  • Holds head erect when sitting.
  • Kicks legs a lot. Splashes hands and feet in bathtub.

Eye-Hand Coordination

  • Head and eyes move in coordinated motion.
  • Both hands grasp at approximate size of object to manipulate it, then baby puts object in her mouth.
  • Easily tracks objects with her eyes.
  • Watches moving people and gazes across a room.
  • Explores own body with hands.
  • Looks for complexity and novelty in surroundings.
Thinking Skills
  • Mouths everything to explore objects.
  • Prefers bright colors of red and yellow to black and white.
  • Begins to realize he is distinct from objects "out there" and to realize his actions cause something to happen.
  • Enjoys listening to speech and music. Babbles for his own pleasure with chuckles, giggles, shrieks and laughs.
  • Listens to himself talk. Says "da, ba, ma, pa, ga" consonant sounds. Notices how his speech influences adult actions -- "m-m-m" brings Mom to feed him.
  • Looks around to find source of a sound. Is quieted by music.

Emotional Development

  • Responsive to play for one hour at a time.
  • Shows signs of being tired -- will yawn, rub eyes, refuse to play, suck thumb or become restless and irritable.
  • May drool and be fussy if teething.
  • Is developing her unique personality within a predictable daily routine -- how active she is, how intensely she responds to things, what her patience and tolerance for frustration are.
  • Senses if her behavior is unacceptable to parent during daily interactions. Reacts to your tone of voice and expression.
  • Expresses joy, unhappiness, contentment, tiredness. Crying decreases as she expresses feelings with new sounds, gestures.
  • Recognizes family members with whom she lives. Loves to laugh and play with people. Vocalizes more to real person than picture.
  • Demands social attention by fussing. Cries if play is disrupted.
  • Attempts to soothe self when crying. Yells, fusses if frustrated.

I'm so happy that I can already see these to my son. He's even a advance because he was able to roll-over at 3 and a half month. He enjoys playing with his newly discovered pair of hands, and squeals, babbles, laughs and drools a lot, hehe!