Monday, June 07, 2010

Alone Again

The husband finally left. that afternoon after sending him off, we went home feeling lonely. the silence and loneliness is really hard to bear. My little girl saw me crying and she said, "Mommy, umiiyak ka ba?Please don't cry mommy, kasi kasama naman natin si Jesus eh, di ba sabi ni daddy?"
Yes, I do beleive what she said. But I can't help but cry. When reality bites, it's really hard to accept. The day before he left, I still feel okay. But when the day finally came, I feel like wishing that time would just stop. If he cannot negotiate with his boss for a vacation after a year, it will be another two years of waiting. *Sniff...sniff*

But God really gives his answer to our prayers always on time. His timing is perfect. If hubby left before I gave birth, it would be very difficult for me and on his part, he would not be able to see our baby and he would not be able to take care of him hands-on. God also gave us a new helper before hubby left. Perfect timing. So I really thank God.

The life of an OFW and an OFW wife is really hard. But I know .kaya namin to with God's help, and guidance. The Lord will see us through

Anyways, here's some pics when we send the hubby off....

at the centennial airport

with the kids...innocent of what's going on and what's going to happen... :(